Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Well, hell...

When I started this blog, I had all kinds of good ideas, and ramblings going on inside my head. Well, those things have not subsided, but just sort of mutated into a jumble of thoughts. So I figured I would just open the flood gates as it were, and let the feelings fall where they may.

Japan. What can I say? The first time I ever went to Japan, we stayed in the Fukushima Prefecture, more specifically, Iwaki. Yes, right where all of this SHIT is going down right now. I was there for 3 weeks. I became very close to the locals that helped with the show we were putting on, and am somewhat baffled to say the least. I hope that they are alright. Who knows? It's hard to wrap my pea brain around such devastation to somewhere I hold dear in my heart. I surfed, worked, and loved there. It's just really hard to process. I saved a surfers life there. (Back, you know, when I was young, virile and an extremely tough MoFo). All I can say is, I send all of the good vibes I can to all of you affected by this tragedy. My thoughts are with you.

On another note... I discovered an Auto-immune condition inside my body last week. Yeah. Let me just tell you how fun THAT is. It's not even in the same Continent as Japan related tragedies... but something that needs to be documented for myself anyway. Who ever thought I would actually have a prescription for a drug they prescribe on House?...not me, that's for certain. We'll see how this one pans out. Hopefully we won't have to open my skull up for a little bit o' the drilly drilly... *shiver* To bad Vicodin isn't the script though!*

(* I don't even know what vicodin does to a body, never taken it... I have a hard time taking aspirin but Gregory sure seems to like it!)

More to come... I can't promise when... it just depends on the grey matter in my brain wanting to flow. Cheers all!

Friday, February 25, 2011

happy birthday scumbag...

Well, tis my B-day today. I figured I would right a little something on this here bloggy. But honestly, after 41 years on this rock, what's another day? I do, however have some wonderful friends that are taking me out to see Rock of Ages at the Pantages theater tonight. Sounds like all kinds of fun to me. 80's music, beers, and good friends, sign me up! Oh... and I'll TRY not to be late to this one. I'm looking at you Veg... Cheers all!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A night out

So, the evening started out innocent enough. The wife had to work an extra hour at the J*O*B*, but we were still OK, if not a little close on time. The tickets said the show started at 6pm... odd hour for a concert to start, but, OK. Usually we take the red line into Hollywood and cab it to wherever we need to go, but this night was running tight on time so The Wife said she would be the DD. Cool, that would knock off a lot of time, and money, in transit. We headed out around 7pm, after all there would be an opening band and all, I figured we would have plenty of time to get there and not miss the show.

We were on the road to the Echoplex in Silverlake, one of the few venues I have never been to. BIG mistake...Turns out, the Echoplex is pretty damn hard to find. The directions looked simple enough, 101 south exit glendale it's on the right just before Sunset Blvd. Wait... what we exited Alvarado street, no problem, just find Glendale and backtrack right? NO. What they don't tell you on the directions is... Glendale Blvd. runs UNDERNEATH Sunset Blvd.! This presented a problem in lot's of different ways, I'm not driving, and... we can't find the damn venue! We stop at a Walgreens and ask where this place is... get some directions, nothing. still can't find the damn venue. It's at this point The Wife is about to lose it from having to make two U-turns and she's had it. We find Parking and decide to go on foot. We will find this place if it kills us!

Turns out... the Echoplex is in an underpass, back "alley" type spot. The only reason we found it was because I found a man in a red vest... aka "valet" on the street I *knew* it was on. I asked him, "Do you know where the Echoplex is?" To which he replied with a finger point 25 feet away in what looked like an alley and parking lot. Sure as shit... there it was! Victory was mine! Meanwhile, I had been corresponding with a friend of mine who was ALREADY AT THE SHOW!

We finally made it into the show, The artist was already 4 or 5 songs into her set... BUMMER, but we still managed to meet up with my friend, and see the rest of her set! The venue wasn't full, but all of the tall people were in front, not a problem for me, but The Wife is 5'2" and we had to stand near the back for her to see anything. Still, she was amazing and totally worth the whole ordeal.

After the show was over, we found our way back to our truck... only to find a parking ticket on the dashboard... Damnit! Well, so much for saving cab fare. Still, watching this woman perform was worth all of the cussing and kicking we had to get there. AND? The bonus was we were home at 10pm... I know this makes me sound like an old fuddy duddy...(yes, I just said that to the internets) but to my credit, I had to be up at 5am, and goodness knows I need me some beauty sleep. We still didn't get to bed before midnight... so, I still consider that a win, as normally we would not have gotten home until midnight... then decompressed until 2am.

All in all, WIN... except for missing the first five songs... and the train ride to work the next day, and the parking ticket. But on the way to work the next day? I totally zoned out to this...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Getting to know... well, me.

Ok, this is the part where I share a little bit about me for the few... (ok, two) of you who might actually read this post, and future posts if I am lucky. I am upwards of five feet, almost six if we are counting. Not entirely unfortunate to look at, (in some people's eyes) and can lift my own weight, on a great day, when all the planets align and I've had my wheaties... er... hops and barley.

I have held many a job, though they get slippery on occasion, what with all the olive oil and such on my hands... er... wait... oh screw it, we'll go with that. I love to cook, as you can see with my much neglected food blog. Though that's more out of photo neglect than actual content. You see, I cook all the time, on weekends, when I'm home, *more on that later*. I read a lot, and listen to a lot of music, as You will see in future posts. This whole "internet" thing is not new to me, however, I still can only manage to figure it out one tab at a time. I blame reading, books... and Plato. (not really... I don't even know if Plato read...)

I do stream of conscious writing most of the time. It's kind of like streaming of the mind. Unless... someone TAGGED me for something, which I might happened upon.. then, I might actually compost a cogent and coherent blog... maybe, sort of.

So, here is where I open the forum up to all (two) of you... got a question for El Gato/Eman? Have at it lovelies... I will now give the floor to you.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hello... wow....

I started this thing back in 2ought4... here I am again. with a wonderful view that I didn't have back then. I hope I can keep up with you all... I did it as a personal blog... then a food blog.. now I'm trying to do both... lord* help us! I started this whole blog *thing* back when a certain "social media" site had the capability to do so... It now does mostly music, or so I have heard. Let's see where it goes shall we? Cheers!