Monday, February 14, 2011

Getting to know... well, me.

Ok, this is the part where I share a little bit about me for the few... (ok, two) of you who might actually read this post, and future posts if I am lucky. I am upwards of five feet, almost six if we are counting. Not entirely unfortunate to look at, (in some people's eyes) and can lift my own weight, on a great day, when all the planets align and I've had my wheaties... er... hops and barley.

I have held many a job, though they get slippery on occasion, what with all the olive oil and such on my hands... er... wait... oh screw it, we'll go with that. I love to cook, as you can see with my much neglected food blog. Though that's more out of photo neglect than actual content. You see, I cook all the time, on weekends, when I'm home, *more on that later*. I read a lot, and listen to a lot of music, as You will see in future posts. This whole "internet" thing is not new to me, however, I still can only manage to figure it out one tab at a time. I blame reading, books... and Plato. (not really... I don't even know if Plato read...)

I do stream of conscious writing most of the time. It's kind of like streaming of the mind. Unless... someone TAGGED me for something, which I might happened upon.. then, I might actually compost a cogent and coherent blog... maybe, sort of.

So, here is where I open the forum up to all (two) of you... got a question for El Gato/Eman? Have at it lovelies... I will now give the floor to you.



The Vegetable Assassin said...

Dude, stream of consciousness is the only way to blog. Capture the moment I always say.

OK, I've never said that, but that's what I do so it must be right, right?

El Gato said...

Sweet! and, yes, of course your right! said...

What are your guilty pleasures? :)

El Gato said...

HHH... Hmmm maybe I'll put up a blog about guilty pleasures.