Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Well, hell...

When I started this blog, I had all kinds of good ideas, and ramblings going on inside my head. Well, those things have not subsided, but just sort of mutated into a jumble of thoughts. So I figured I would just open the flood gates as it were, and let the feelings fall where they may.

Japan. What can I say? The first time I ever went to Japan, we stayed in the Fukushima Prefecture, more specifically, Iwaki. Yes, right where all of this SHIT is going down right now. I was there for 3 weeks. I became very close to the locals that helped with the show we were putting on, and am somewhat baffled to say the least. I hope that they are alright. Who knows? It's hard to wrap my pea brain around such devastation to somewhere I hold dear in my heart. I surfed, worked, and loved there. It's just really hard to process. I saved a surfers life there. (Back, you know, when I was young, virile and an extremely tough MoFo). All I can say is, I send all of the good vibes I can to all of you affected by this tragedy. My thoughts are with you.

On another note... I discovered an Auto-immune condition inside my body last week. Yeah. Let me just tell you how fun THAT is. It's not even in the same Continent as Japan related tragedies... but something that needs to be documented for myself anyway. Who ever thought I would actually have a prescription for a drug they prescribe on House?...not me, that's for certain. We'll see how this one pans out. Hopefully we won't have to open my skull up for a little bit o' the drilly drilly... *shiver* To bad Vicodin isn't the script though!*

(* I don't even know what vicodin does to a body, never taken it... I have a hard time taking aspirin but Gregory sure seems to like it!)

More to come... I can't promise when... it just depends on the grey matter in my brain wanting to flow. Cheers all!


Anonymous said...
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Cat said...

Japan is so screwed right now, and yet they seem to work together much better than Americans would in that situation. Thought to them, yes.

Sorry about your AIDS. Or whatever it is.